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Judul:바이브, 평균 키 152cm 소녀들의 ‘미친 거니’ 《Fantastic Duo》판타스틱 듀오 EP09
Diterbitkan:12 Juni 2016
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Fantastic Duo 판타스틱 듀오 EP09 20160612 SBS

평균 키가 152cm인 작은 체구의 소녀들이 파워 넘치는 가창력을 선보여 감탄을 자아냈다.

“Shall we sing a song together?”
What if you can received a love call from the top singers in Korea?

Anyone who has a smart phone can sing duet songs with Korea's top singers in “Fantastic Duo”! Incredible collaboration and Amazing duet performances of singers and their fans starts here.

SBS Mucis Show ‘Singers in My Hands - Fantastic Duo’ to be aired for the first time on April 17 2016 and it aris on every Sunday at 4:50pm.

☞ Visit 'Fantastic Duo' official website and get more information:

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