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Judul:Wed, May 22: Migrants Released on Streets; Porn Addicts; Jesse Turns 70!
Diterbitkan:22 Mei 2019
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Wed, May 22, Hour 1: Immigration Mess; Murrietan’s Reject Migrants.

Happy Birthday Jesse!
You guys know Joel? He shows off his Arkansas shirt, a gift from one of our viewers.
Jesse talks about the mess with immigration. Murrieta residence protest arrival of illegals at Border Patrol facility. “Call us racist… we don’t care.” Report: One million Guatemalan illegals likely to come. Don’t trust the media who carry on about victims.
Chancellor from Florida, age 19, sings “Happy Birthday to Ya” to Jesse. It was his birthday a few days ago. Jesse was a boxboy at a supermarket at 18-19, then a produce clerk, then a cashier.
Zoey says I'm a white Christian woman and I'm so sick of being nice. we can't just smile and nod anymore.
John from Arizona says happy birthday. He gives a great testimonial, in which he realized Jesse’s not smart enough to come up with the things he says. God works through him.
Betsie from Cleveland, OH, sings “Happy Birthday” to Jesse. She comments on The Fallen State clip about relationships, “BS” about equality, and men not being able to be men.
David from Harlingen, TX, first-time caller, wishes Jesse a happy birthday.
Nick the producer reads DLive shout outs.
Jay from Canada says happy birthday.
Tony from California accuses Trump of stone-walling the “collusion” investigation, but doesn’t realize there is no collusion!

Wed, May 22, Hour 2: Socialism Soars; Still Deluded by Collusion!

Jesse shows off a shipping box decorated by C Graves from Hawaii. Joel got his Arkansas shirt!
James answers Biblical Question and reacts about socialism being accepted by over 40% of Americans. They talk about blacks loving socialism, and whites following down the same road of hate and immorality. James’s back is still messed up; it’s his own fault.
Jesse comes back to Tony from California who’s so dumb and brainwashed. He thinks he’s into the truth, but he complains about being lied to about Christmas, Easter, etc.
Great callers talk to Jesse…
Syed, a Sufi Muslim who’s not liberal, but conservative, talks to Jesse.
Renee from San Diego is black, doesn’t have kids, but talks about illegals going about it the wrong way. They talk about blacks walking away.
Jared from Collegeville, PA, isn’t so sure that all thoughts are lies. Are thoughts from God? From Satan? People have to be seeking, and you have to be the example.

Wed, May 22, Hour 3: The Big 7-0; Smith’s Porn Addiction!

Manhood Hour: Jesse briefly tells his life story growing up in Alabama, moving to Los Angeles, finding perfect peace after forgiving his mother and father, starting BOND, and now turning 70! He talks about being born again and people who claim to be Christians and do wrong, and the ways of the blind people. He gives a little advice to people.
Joel reads some Super Chats
Vic from Cincinnati, OH, first-time caller, asks how we reach the youth of this country. Be an example. Some of them shut down and won’t listen. Let them suffer and die. Jesse then tells about people raised by “Christian” parents who repeat the scriptures but yet sin, and are unhappy.
Marvin from Inglewood, CA, says happy birthday. He’s 28, and appreciates everything Jesse does; he’s been listening the last 3 months, and loves his advice. He gives a nice testimonial, saying he’s living way better.
Jesse talks about Jada Pinkett Smith, her daughter Willow, and her mother, Adrienne — they talk about all being into porn. Will Smith is not guiding his family! But Jada was already screwed up because he mother’s screwed up!
Jay from Sacramento, CA, also doesn’t feel his age. Jesse asks Jay about Jada.
Samuel from Florida likes Jesse’s testimonial story.
Alex from Texas gives an update after forgiving his mother.
More great calls and Super Chats!

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SLUTMAKERR - Prod. By Trevor Wesley
Bright Lights - The 4 O O
Buddha - Kontekst (No Copyright Music)
bvd kult - Made Of Something (RetroVision remix)
Intro - Jeff Ban - Stand Up - (Amazon/google play/Spotify)
Trevor Wesley, Joel Friday, Big Bump - Stand Up

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