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Judul:2018 [Multifandom Mashup]
Diterbitkan:31 Desember 2018
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Happy New Year everyone!!
Thank you all for the support this year, really, it means the world!!

Songs & Fandoms

(Playlist: )

0:00 Ganja by Henrik Olsson
0:55 Glory Days by The Federal Empire
2:44 Hit The Road Jack by Ray Charles (ProteleR Tribute)
3:47 Sound Off The Sirens (Alternate Version) by Sam Tinnesz
4:17 Remove The Complexities by Peter Sandberg
5:07 The Maze by Manchester Orchestra
6:44 Black Betty by Caravan Palace:
7:35 Beach Song by Ashton York
8:30 Here We Go by WILD


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yes there's 300+ fandoms in this list but if I forgot any important fandom let me know in the comments. ;)

Lots of love,
Caty ❤

#fanvidfeed #2018
✘Programs: Sony Vegas Pro 16, Photoshop.
✘Coloring: lightningxdisaster

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